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As more and more Dental Implants are being placed we have been seeing more and more Dental Implants failing.  There are a number of reasons dental implants fail.  Some implants fail to integrate into the bone usually these problems manifest themselves early after the implant is placed.  Some reasons for early failure can be poor quality and poor quantity of bone, Smokers, Uncontrolled Diabetics, Overheating of the bone during placement, and bone Compression during insertion.  

Why you should request minimally invasive Dental Fillings by your Downey Dentist? What is the difference between traditional Dental Fillings and Minimally Invasive Fillings?


Los Angeles Dentist Advocates Laser Gum Surgery as Low Pain, Lower Cost Treatment
Dr. John McAllister enjoys his position as a leader in LANAP Laser Gum Treatment in the greater Los Angeles area. He teaches LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery to other dentists and periodontists, continually honing his own skills while helping spread effective and nearly pain-free laser surgery options. LANAP has been cleared by the FDA as the therapy to reverse gum disease, and has been noted for the low level of pain and quick recuperation patients experience post surgery.

We do not use, nor have we used, silver mercury fillings at your
Downey Dentist office in over 20 years.

The reasons are clear in these pictures.  The strongest reason is the
minimally invasive nature of the preperation design needed to place
white composite fillings.  


Have you ever chipped broken or fractured a tooth?  Here are two of todays cases.  


Neither patient had anesthetic placed so no shots were placed.  Also no drilling was done.  We just added bonding (white filling) to the teeth and smoothed them.



We here at our Downey Dental office have chosen not to do silver mercury fillings for over 16 years.  The reason for not doing silver anymore can be demonstrated by the picures below.


This patient had her silver fillings placed about a year ago.



Notice one has fallen out and another has cracked.




This is a common question in our Downey Dental office.  Some people advocate the removal of mercury fillings for health reasons.  I nor the ADA, CDC, or any other reputable organization recomend the removal of silver fillings for any medical reason unless you have a metal alergy.   Very few people have a metal alergy.  Some people would like to remove the dark black fillings for cosmetic reasons.  In this case if it is patient directed then Doctor can evaluate the situation.

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